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Acetake Corp.

Technical & global solution for metal processing!

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We do technical & international trade services in metal processing industry!
We are dedicated to quality engineering and business services to North American and Chinese metal processing industries to improve our client's profitability through expanding their operation into the global markets. With technical expertise, quality assurance experiences, and industrial networks in the global market, Acetake is uniquely positioned in the global manufacturing market. We define the ideal synergistic approach to optimize the manufacture of parts and systems. We closely monitor and control the quality of the manufacturing process to ensure its conformance with buyer’s requirements. We have and manage foreign resources to be used by our clients and we meet their quantitative goals to maintain their competitive leadership and solid position in market shifts.
Our Mission - We will meet and exceed your expectation!



We also offer quality engineering services in metal processing and research industry for our clients to improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability through


  • Standardizing  the process so that the operation is under strict control;


  • Optimizing  the process so that the operation generates greater margin;


  • Innovating  the process so that the operation stands in the front of the business
Business in manufacturing = Integrity + Diligence + Intelligence + Support + Trust + Comfort + Pride