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Acetake Corp.

Technical & global solution for metal processing!

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Quality is the foundation of every success and we certainly know how to be a quality player!

Our manufacturing allies are all ISO9001 or equivalent certified to assure their quality. Acetake confirms this assurance by its own supplier quality assurance program, which consists of our independent pre-screening, initial and follow-up quality audits to ensure the manufacturing and other relevant services conform to the targeted quality system accepted or specified by the part buyers. Beyond this, Acetake has established quality control program to regulate how the part supplier works with part buyer to ensure the success of each project.

We do Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) of outsourcing itself with part buyers and ensure our managers well handle all projects.
Based on customer requirements, the suppliers of Acetake Corporation can manufacture parts per the following industrial and governmental specifications: AA, AISI, AMS, ANSI, ASME, ASTM, AWS, BS, DIN, JIS, NF, ISO, QQ, SAE, and UNS.
We ensure each project is well planned, scheduled, and controlled so that the available resources are used efficiently and effectively. Our managers have multiple skills, including technology, quality, and language, a strong bias toward task completion, and leadership. We also update our information technology for our success.

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Risks always go with opportunities. The greatest opportunity of outsourcing is a significant reduction in the direct quoted price of the manufactured parts. However, we are fully aware of the hidden risks that could offset this lower quoted price. In general, these hidden risks are unforeseen cost, unforeseen extended lead time, and unforeseen quality issues due to vendor selection, goods transition, management, delay in production start up, manufacturing process, and transportation of goods.

Just because we fully understand these hidden risks, we have taken actions to prevent them from happening. First, we have highly qualified employees or partners to work with Acetake for its projects. Our staffs have one specialty with technology, quality, language, and management skills simultaneously, which minimizes the outsourcing management cost. Second, we have an established procedure to guarantee only the best manufacturing and shipping suppliers to be selected for our business.

Third, during the project, we will work with supplier engineering staff to ensure the design of the manufacturing process is technically sound and our on-site staff with timely two-way communications ensures the smooth project flow. All these enable Acetake to eliminate the possible hidden outsourcing risks.

Contact us to discuss your project so that we can make a detailed FMEA specifically for it and arrange to make your project a success!
We make international trade like domestic business and always keep client  worry free!



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