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An existing & approved quality assurance system forms a solid ground for success!



To ensure the quality of Acetake Corp. approved suppliers, we conduct our own audits. Acetake quality audit is independently designed per our North American industrial experiences of passing ISO9001, AS9100, TS16949, and NADCAP (US National Aerospace & Defence Credit Approval Program) quality assurance audits. Acetake audit is comprehensive and covers all the processes associated with the part manufacture: management and human resource; marketing and sales; purchasing and receiving; production planning and scheduling; product design and engineering (if applicable); industrial engineering and process design; tool engineering; manufacturing and assembly; finished parts inspection and testing; packaging, shipping, and warehousing; installation and service (if applicable); finance and legal issues (if applicable); internal audits and corrective actions; and continuous improvement. Our audit follows ISO 19011: 2002 (E) standard and ensures that the whole quality assurance and control system of the supplier is complete, the documents and operations well match each other, and this system is up-to-date, that is, conforming to the current version of the specifications and standards from industrial organization, government, and part buyers. Only after successful pass of such audit can we comfortably say our supplier’s quality system is well designed, well implemented, and carefully managed which provides confidence that the outputs will meet customer expectation and requirements.

In order to ensure the sustained quality of our approved suppliers, Acetake does initial, follow-up on-site, and regular remote quality audits. For each new supplier, after successful pass of the initial audit, we do follow-up on-site audits on semi-annually or annually basis, depending on the circumstance. Only after four consecutive successful passes of such audit, can the follow-up audit frequency be reduced to next level with a minimum of once per year. 
Acetake audit covers quality system audit, process audit, and product audit.
An important feature of Acetake audit that makes it different from regular quality audits is that Acetake incorporates the auditing method of NADCAP, that is, Acetake quality auditor must have strong technical background rather than quality background only and Acetake auditor will work with all levels of supplier staff, from president to operational people on floor during the part manufacturing process to look at the manufacturing from the perspective of a metallurgist and processing engineer rather than simply a quality personnel.