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Technical & global solution for metal processing!

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Materials science & engineering is our core acedemic strength!
We help our clients in all of the three aspects of materials research & development.
  • Material synthesis to control its chemistry and
    microstructure by casting or sintering for bulk materials (alloy or composite) and thin films by coating technology.

  • Material characterization to actually see how the material looks like by optical emission spectrometry (OES), optical microscopy (OM), scanning electronic microscopy (SEM), transmission electronic microscopy (TEM), atomic force microscopy (AFM), X-ray diffraction analysis (XRD), and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC).

  • Material testing to examine such mechanical and/or physical performances of the processed material like hardness, tensile strength, fatigue strength, creep resistance, fracture toughness, wear resistance, friction coefficient, density, electrical, thermal, and magnetic properties.

Our service involves both part/material failure investigation and new alloy or processing development.
We provide flexible ways of contribution: experiment design, conducting experiment, discussing experiments results, and writing report for our clients.