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The strong manufacturing capability forms the ground of top quality!

The following lists the typical manufacturing capability of our selected suppliers.

Melting: Electrical furnace is typically used for melting ferrous alloys. Depending on project, cupola may also be used, with or without electrical holding furnace, for iron castings. Resistance or gas furnace is usually used for melting non-ferrous metals like aluminum alloys.

Chemistry control: spectrometer is typically used for melt chemistry control.

Non-destructive testing: UT, MPI, FPI, X-ray and other NDT inspections can be performed per customer requirements.

Mechanical testing: hardness, tensile properties, and impact resistance of the material are routinely tested with other property testing available upon request.

Machining: machining is usually completed within the same foundry with CNC machining tool or center.

Layout check: CMM is typically employed in dimension inspection with such other tools like calliper and micrometer.

Computer simulation: computer simulation is also available for certain projects to optimize the processing.

Rapid prototyping: when required, rapid prototyping is available to facilitate the project.
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