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                                              Thank you for time & interest reading this! 

Summary of Qualifications

With over 20 years post B.Sc. work experience in the manufacturing industry. Expert knowledge and hands-on experience in casting, sintering, heat treating, tribology of engineering alloys/composites in addition to Non Destructive Testing (NDT), material characterization, and mechanical/physical property testing. High familiarity with Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T), CMM (operation & programming), and machining (CNC programming). Competencies contributing to a successful career include:


§         Extensive working experiences of both aerospace and automotive operations

§         Excellent knowledge of various standards including AA, AISI, AMS, ANSI, ASME, ASTM, AWS, ISO, MIL, QQ, SAE, & UNS

§         High proficiency in designing and conducting new material/processing development

§         Developed skills in teaching, training, and management

§         Working knowledge on supply chain management

§         Proven troubleshooting capability on floor.

§         In-depth knowledge and hands-on experiences with lean & 6-Sigma for industrial application

§         Working experiences of ISO9001, AS9100, TS16949, ISO17025, ISO19011, NADCAP AC7101/2, FAIR, APQP, PPAP, CQI-9.

§         Solid familiarity with numerous computer software suites; executes new applications with ease

§         Strong team player and leader, working collaboratively with staff at all levels of an organization


Career Background

Technical Contractor                                                                                                                                2009, 02 – Now

 §         Provide technical service in metal processing industries for on-site trouble shooting, engineering, quality assurance/control, & continous improvement by lean and six sigma methodology.

§         Accept short or long term contract jobs. Dr. Jay has worked on projects for the following companies.


  • Canadian Wear Technology (Ontario, Canada)
  •       Waterloo Foundry (Quebec, Canada)
  •       Custom Aluminium Foundry Ltd (Ontario, Canada)
  •        Zimmer (Indiana, USA)
  •        Riverside Brass & Aluminium Foundry Ltd. (Ontario, Canada)
  •        Linamar (Ontario, Canada)
  •        Chrysler (Ontario, Canada)
  •        General Motors (Michigan, USA)



Wescast Industries Inc., Stratford, ON, Canada                                                   2008, 01 – 2008, 10

Single Layer Investment Casting (SLIC) Development Engineer

§         Developed SLIC process on floor operation, a new casting technology licensed by Metal Casting Technology Company, a R&D division between HitchinerandGM; mandate to make castings with investment casting quality while at sand casting cost.

§         Instrumental in assisting Wescast to be the first company in the world licensed to run this process on floor at industrial level; original SLIC process still in process to meet full maturity.

§         Cultivated the process over a 10-month period; worked with primarily stainless steel automotive engine manifolds & turbocharger housings, reducing scrap rate from 80% to approximately 10%.

§         Key customers included GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honeywell, and BMW.

§         Completed additional responsibilities as metallurgist and quality control engineer.


Integra-Cast Inc., New Britain, CT, USA                                                              2006, 11 – 2007, 12

Chief Metallurgist & Senior Casting Engineer

§         Entrusted with all technical issues for aluminum shell and solid mold investment casting manufacturing processes for both aerospace and commercial parts from reducing scrap rate to process renovations.

§         Involved in ISO audit to ensure all quality procedures were completed.

§         Acted as key contact person of Bell Helicopter, NADCAP, and Aircelle audits.

§         Key customers included Honeywell, Hamilton Sundstrand, Raytheon, Goodrich, Parker, Smiths, Rockwell Collins, and GE.

§         Accomplishments achieved over a one year period:

Ø      Reduced the combined scrap/rework rate from 20% to 10% for existing jobs.

Ø      Developed casting process successfully for 13 new jobs during the 1st pass from 14 new jobs.

Ø      Established new quality procedures in melting and heat treating departments.

Ø      Brought whole pyrometry calibrations into plant per Aerospace Materials Specification (AMS) 2750D.


Fansteel Wellman Dynamics Ltd., Creston, IA, USA                                   2005, 07– 2006, 10

Plant Metallurgist & Casting Engineer

§         Supervised melting, heat-treating, welding & lab work of aluminum & magnesium alloys in whole plant;

§         Performed product defect root cause analysis and thus modification to its manufacturing process.

§         Led the development and manufacturing processes of 63 castings for Sikorsky, Rolls Royce, Pratt Whitney, Bell Helicopter, Lockheed Martin, and other corporations; partial responsibilities for documentation, work instruction, corrective action, and quality alert.

§         Successfully completed FAIR package for 7 new Rolls Royce jobs within 4 months.

§         Conducted internal auditing of plant lab, welding, and heat treating operations to ensure conformance to quality specifications.


§         During the above industrial work, developed strong working relationships with external customers/auditors:

Ø      Supported customers by getting their parts manufactured and shipped to specification and on time.

Ø      Defended foundries to avoid unnecessary costs with either customers or external auditors.

Ø      Collaborated with customers, researching casting design & NDT acceptance criterion.

Ø      Provided consulting service for customers’ new manufacturing initiatives.


National Research Council of Canada (NRC), London, ON, Canada        2002, 05 – 2005, 05

Post-doctorate Research Scientist

§         Developed cost effective, high strength magnesium alloys and casting technologies, specifically:

Ø      Designed composition and synthesis process of the alloys.

Ø      Material microstructural characterization by optical microscopy, SEM/EDS/ XRD.

Ø      Mechanical property testing of the materials

§         Participated in researching on engine coating/tribology with GM, Research & DevelopmentCenter at Warren/Michigan & University of Windsor.


Department of Chemical & Materials Engineering                    1998, 09 – 2002, 04

Research Assistant, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada

§         Developed a novel wear-resistant material, TiNi-based composite, by powder metallurgy (PM), which included:

Ø      Conducted study on PM processing, microstructure, phase transformations, and mechanical/tribological performance of the material.

Ø      Material characterization by optical microscopy, TEM, SEM, XRD, AFM, DSC, indentation, scratch.

Ø      Mechanical property and wear testing of the composite.


Department of Chemical & Materials Engineering                    1998, 09 – 2001, 04

Teaching Assistant, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada

§         Supervised undergraduate student labs, answered questions, and marked assignments/lab reports in:

Ø      Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering (in total around 150 students).

Ø      Physical Metallurgy Principle (28 students).

Ø      Mechanical Metallurgy and Electronic Materials (34 students)


Chengdu KV Engine Corporation, China                                        1995, 07 – 1998, 08

Foundry Engineer

§         Designed casting process for auto engine parts, including cast aluminum and grey/nodular iron making, clay/resin bonded sand mould and core preparation, pattern making, casting coating, gating system, and heat treatment.

§         Participated in total quality control.

§         Updated technological processes and the corresponding production documents according to new national standards and/or new production conditions.


Department of Metals, Sichuan University, China                 1992, 09 – 1995, 06

Research Assistant

§     Independently designed the chemistry, casting process, and heat treatment of a new high C, low Cr alloy steel to replace the expensive high Cr-Mo steel/iron (typical composition: Cr-15wt.%, Mo-3wt.%); relationship between chemistry, processing, microstructure and properties was systematically examined.

§      Resulted in a total content of alloying elements less than 2 wt.%; steel had a hardness of HRC 52-58 and possessed good wear resistance. 



University of Alberta, Ph.D., Materials (metallurgical) Engineering                                              1998 – 2002

Sichuan University, China,M.Sc., Casting Alloy Design                                                              1992 – 1995

ChengduUniversity of Science&Technology, China, B.Sc., Foundry                                     1988 – 1992



High fluency in both written and spoken English/Chinese; good reading ability in technical Japanese

Professional Development

§         6-Sigma Black  Belt from ASQ  March 2011

§         6-Sigma Green Belt from OntarioCollege of Technology, Toronto, ON, January 2011;

§         Business management training (Feb.~Apr. 2009 @ Job skills, Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

§         Bruker AXS Inc. at Boston/MA on spectrometry in August 2007

§         NADCAP/PRI at Hartford/CT on pyrometry AMS2750D specification in May 2007

§         NADCAP/PRI at Dallas/TX on pyrometry AMS2750C specification in October 2005

§         Chengdu KV Engine Corporation at Chengdu/China on total quality control in October 1996


professional membership

Professional Engineer (SichuanProvince, P.R. China)

American Foundry Society

American Society of Quality

Professional Engineer (Ontario, Canada)(Application approved under a condition to pass engineering law and ethics exam)



Journal Refereeing Experience


Surface & Coatings Technology (so far 3 papers)

Journal of Materials Processing Technology (so far 1 paper)


 1. Awards

        (1). 2002, 02, NSERC Canadian Government Lab Visiting Post-doc Fellowship (National award);

        (2). 2001, 03, Department nomination for The Univ. of Alberta Excellent Graduate Student Awards;

        (3). 1998, 09 – 2002, 03, TA/RA assistantships at The Dept. of Chemical & Materials Engineering,

               University of Alberta (Institutional award);

        (4). 94/09-95/06, Chinese Guanghua Excellent Graduate Student Scholarship (National award);

        (5). 92/09-95/06, Excellent Graduate Student Scholarship at SichuanUniversity(Institutional award);

        (6). 89/02-92/06, Excellent Undergraduate Student Scholarship at ChengduUniversity of Science &

              Technology (Institutional award).

 2. Other academic achievements

§         14 research publications in worldwide well-known journals as first author

§         5 technical presentations on national/international conferences 









1. Ph.D. Courses completed at University of Alberta

        (1). Application of TEM in Materials Science;                                                       (2). Physical Metallurgy;

        (3). Mechanical Metallurgy and Electronic Materials;                                (4). Numerical Solution to PDE;

        (5). Wear and Protection of Engineering Materials.                                                  (6). Fracture of metals.

2. M.Sc. Courses completed at SichuanUniversity

      (1). Numerical Analysis;                                                                      (2). Methods of Mathematical Physics;

      (3). Applied Probability and Statistics;                                                                (4). Solidification of Alloys;

      (5). Metal Physics;                                                                                         (6). Thermodynamics of Alloys;

      (7). Modern Techniques of Material Analysis.

3. B.Sc. courses completed at ChengduUniversity of Science & Technology

    (1). Machining of Metals;                                                                                     (2). Mechanics of Materials;

    (3). Physical Metallurgy;                                                                                                 (4). Fluid Mechanics;

    (5). Foundry Chemistry;                                                                            (6). Techniques of Casting Analysis;

    (7). Heat Transfer;                                                                           8). Fundamentals of Metal Solidification;       

    (9). Cast Iron and its Melting;                                                                 (10). Casting Technological Process;

    (11). Molding Materials;                                                                                 (12). Cast Steel and it’s Melting;

   (13). Alloying Principle;                                                                                           (14). Foundry Equipment;                      

   (15). Hydraulic and Pneumatic Transmission;                                                                (16). Casting Furnace;  

   (17). Non-sand Casting;                                                                  (18). Nonferrous Metals and their Melting;

          (19). Foundry Workshop Design.                                                                                      (20). Casting tooling